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Marine Police

The Marine Police was established in the year 1891 in Lagos, Nigeria and was then styled ‘Night Water Patrol’, with its initial personnel of twelve men headed by a sergeant. In those early days, improvised equipment such as locally carved wooden (hand pulled) canoes were used for surveillance and anti-crime patrols. Looking back at those days and the present day, it would not be incorrect to say that the branch has come of age.

Though, the Marine Section had its peculiarities, it was regarded as part of the regular Police division. It is important to add that even in those days, the Marine Section was saddled with basic ‘operational’ duties such as anti-smuggling patrols, anti-piracy operations, enforcement of ports, harbour and Shipping Acts, guards, escorts duties, surveillance and general anti crime duties.
The Marine Section is currently a branch of ‘B’ Department of the Force. The Section has eighty-one Marine Stations, and Outpost spread across the length and breadth of the inland navigable rivers and waterways in the country. It has formations and commands at the Force Headquarters and twenty states of the federation as listed below;

1. Adamawa State
2. Niger State

3. Akwa Ibom State

4. Ogun State

5. Anambra State

6. Ondo State

7. Benue State

8. Nassarawa State

9. Borno State

10. Taraba State

11. Cross River State

12. Rivers State

13. Delta State

14. Bayelsa State

15. Imo State

16. Kogi State

17. Kebbi State

18. Port Authority Command

19. Ebonyi State

20. Force Headquarters

21. Lagos State

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